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Walnut Counter Height Dining Stools

Walnut Counter Height Dining Stools

We ordered this dining set from VisionDecor, and although there were some issues with the shipping (it was a week late) the VisionDecor customer service was very courteous and prompt and gave us a 5% refund for our troubles. The set arrived in good condition and my husband put it together easily the next morning without any help. It took him about 2 hours to put it altogether but he is extremely handy (has worked construction for years) and had all the right tools. The table is gorgeous. I absolutely love it! I was concerned about the size since our dining area is rather narrow but it works very nicely. There are 6 of us in our family so having an extra 2 chairs will be nice. I really like how you can sit closely together in a more intimate setting with out feeling squished. The stain of the wood is actually much richer and more attractive than it is in the picture. The only thing I'm not totally thrilled with are the chairs. I don't care too much for the color of the "seude" fabric, and the padding isn't great, but that is something I can change myself when I get too tired of it. I do have to admit that it is very neutral and would go with pretty much any decor. All in all I think it is a fabulous piece of furniture and is very well constructed for the price. We are very pleased with this purchase. And even tho we had issues with the shipper, we are satisfied with how quickly Vision Decor's customer service responded and will happily purchase from them again in the future.

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  1. The walnut finish (we didn't get the espresso finish) is truly rich looking and very neutral. I am picky about browns and do not like the reddish or goldish tints you find in so many stained finishes nowadays. Our set came from VisionDecor and all came timely and in great condition. Two people complained about the "tempered glass" etched into the lazy susan. It is not etched, it is a pressure stick peel-off sticker which came off easily so no problem there. The set is very heavy and stable even without using any wood glue. I was surprised how many stated it only took 2 or 2.5 hours to put together as it did take my husband and I 4 hours even with a power drill, but the directions were fairly easy to follow. Perhaps we were trying to be too careful. Use WD40 before setting lazy susan and it will work smoothly. Although we have used the table with company only twice, all went very well. I highly recommend place mats based on what others have said, not because we have experienced any scratches yet; however, it does seem it would mar easily. Two reviews from sites other than Amazon mentioned using a coat of polyurethane, which is probably a good idea that I would like to try, but am afraid I'll mess up the beautiful finish. My hubby and I are in our mid 60's and the 2 of us rarely use the table for eating (use the couch), but he has his computer on one end and uses daily. Chairs are solid but the cushions and microsuede covering are definitely cheap (not cheap looking)and not the most comfortable but fine for a meal. You likely would not want to sit around the table and gab for an hour after dinner. Remember, however, we are in our 60's, so you young things probably would do just fine. When I get ambitious some day, I may get new cushions and recover, but for now, no biggie. For the price and the contemporary look, it is a beautiful set and always draws a comment by visitors...even a contractor who recently came in to do some fixup work noticed it right away and was shocked at the price.

  2. Larry Donaldson20 November 2011 07.32

    Lets start with the good points
    1. Everything was packed very well. There are 2 boxes for the table and 4 boxes for the chairs and they get a perfect score there. I would advise having a helper for the biggest box because it could be awkward moving it inside with the weight and size of it.
    2. When it is put together it has a very solid feel. If you didn't tell someone it was assembled they probably wouldn't know. The lazy susan might give it away though.
    3. The lazy susan was bigger then I thought it was but it works well. I think the only issue with it is remembering to use it. I have had this set only for a week and had a dinner party last night and didn't remember till the end of the dinner we could be using the lazy susan to move the dishes around instead of reaching and passing.
    4. Really love the color and finish of the wood as well as the cushions.
    5. They included exactly enough screws and such.
    6. You can't beat the price.

    The not so good points
    1. It took about 5 hours to assemble everything. They do include a little allen wrench for assembly with each pouch of parts but if you have used one of those for several hours you know how much fun it is.
    2. I would have liked a few more pictures of the product, while I'm very pleased with the purchase it would have helped when I was comparing tables.
    3. The wait. I have ordered furniture online before so I knew it wasn't going to be delivered in just a few days. The original delivery date was just the date to get it shipped to Nashville, not to my house. I called the company and they answered the phone in two rings, which was a pleasant surprise, the person was very professional and gave me a tracking number. From there it was within a week and I had the furniture. It did turn out to be worth the wait

  3. We needed a table for our family of 8. We looked everywhere and could not find one that came with 8 chairs and the table for less than $1,000. We love the lazy susan in the middle which was an added bonus. The table is very sturdy and my kids are able to lean on the table without fear of it tipping over. The storage at the bottom is great although it does not hold wide base wine glasses. We were also able to add two bar stools and make room for our guests over Thanksgiving. Table also works our great for games with use of the lazy susan. I love the square design as it puts everyone equal distance from the center. It was really easy to put together. It took my husband and I 2 and a half hours and that includes breaks to admire the handywork. Great Table!

  4. I was a little worried about ordering this item, but my worries were alleviated when I assembled it! This is a stunning set, well made, wooden, sturdy, packed well for shipping, with fantastic assembly directions. If the chairs don't seem to "fit" during assembly, you can be certain you do not have the pcs. in the right place! There was no hardware missing, there were no gouges or scratches on the wood, and the lazy susan is impressive! Inside the wine cabinet, there is a wooden rack for the wine, and a place to hang stemware. The seats are that microfiber "suede-looking" material that cleans so easily and wears well. We were not expecting it to be so large, so if you want a small set for a small area, make sure you check dimensions. Even the magnets on the cupboard doors are strong! Also, there is a cupboard door on each side of the wine cabinet, which is fantastic! As suggested in the reviews, I appied W-D40 on the lazy susan mechanism (before adding the glass.) It is smooth as butter! If you are looking for a dining set that is super special, this one is absolutely gorgeous! Also, I purchased some polyurethane to add strength to the top of the table, since reviews say it can scratch. I don't want to take any chances. Buying this furniture makes me want to purchase all future pcs of furniture online!

  5. This dining set is very heavy duty for a put together set. I found one very small blemish is all. Putting this together took me and my wife about 2 hours and 20 minutes. But if you just used the supplied allen wrench and a hand screwdriver, it would take 3 to 4 times that. This set to me was a great deal and it would cost hundreds more at the store.

  6. The table and chairs were shipped to us in a timely manner. We were surprised to see how well packed they were. The construction of the set is solid wood and very heavy, but was very easy to assemble. It is exactly what we wanted, and better than we expected. We live in an apartment and have limited space, but it fits quite nicely. Great product for the money!! Now we can have a dinner party and not have to serve on TV trays!!

  7. Charlie Herring21 Oktober 2013 11.32

    I just recieved my new table and chairs over the weekend.
    Like many others, I was so leary about ordering furniture on line. But after having it all set up, my fears were gone and I absolutely love it!!!

    It seats our family of 6 great and the two extra chairs I put at our center island until we need them at the table. In another review someone said seating for 8 would be tight. I don't see that at all. While sitting next to another person, we have plenty of room without "bumping plates or elbows". It fits 8 nicely.

    It looks very nice and it seems very heavy and well built.

    My husband put it together while I was at work, and it took him at least 3 hours. He said it wasn't hard, just time consuming.

    I am so very happy with this purchase!!

    The shipping was later than promised, but VisionDecor's customer service was very friendly and prompt when answering e-mails and agreed to refund part of the shipping costs.

  8. The table is beautiful! I chose this table b/c of the base. I didn't want to have the four legs in the way of the chairs. It worked out perfect! There is so much room for everyone and the lazy susan can fit all your serving dishes on it and swivel to the person across the table. I didn't think it was going to be that big but I can actually put my meat dish, vegetable and potato dishes on it all together. The chairs are wonderful. Very strudy too! My two year can climb up her chaid and sit with no problem of the chair tipping over or anything. My husband put this entire collection together while I was cooking dinner! We were able to use it that night. The walnut color matches my cabinets perfect. The wood is very sturdy too, not plywood or pressboard. I'm not going to use the base cabinet as a wine rack. We keep our extra napkins in it.