Sabtu, 12 November 2011

Great Gripper

Unger Professional Trigger Magnetic Silver

Unger Professional Trigger Magnetic Silver

We bought these chairs ~3 years ago for an outdoor music festival. I'm allergic to the Sun and my husband has a history of skin Cancer. They provided us some much needed shade in the middle of a field to watch music in, and still allowed for the people behind us to see through to the stage. We've used them every year for the festival and other outdoor events and have had no problems. My husban is over 200# and has not had any difficulty with his chair. We love them so much when we saw some on sale for black Friday this past year we went and bought 3 more! My Husband's is blue and mine is bright pink. My bright pink one has somewhat faded in areas, but I've had it now over 3 years and when we're using it, we have it outside in full sun all day long! Everyone at the festival complements us on our chairs and wonders where we bought them. We laugh at others trying to stuff their chairs in bags at the end of the night when all we have to do is clip 2 clips and done! We also love the back pack straps that allow us to carry them and leave both hands free for the rolling cooler, umbrella or other items we may need! Great product as far as I'm concernd that has lasted us several years!

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  1. I have a gripper/grabber in every room. I have trouble standing and reaching especially behind chairs. When I drop my cell phone I reach for the grabber. When I'm home alone reaching above my head is difficult so using this is like I was never in a wheelchair. It has a great magnetic tip that picks up metal crochet hooks and paper chips. Standing, stooping and reaching are many times taken for granted, but when you have a little trouble reach for the Trigger Grip! I love it!