Jumat, 04 November 2011

Wood Grain Table Mate

Wood Grain Table Mate II

Wood Grain Table Mate II

This table (as advertised on TV) looked like a piece of junk that wouldn't hold up with any weight on it. It also appeared to me to be flimsy and cheap. Guess what! I was wrong. The table is sturdy and not junky at all. It has strong metal legs and a tough plastic top. I use the table/tray to hold a big laptop computer and it works fine.

The table is easily assembled in just a few minutes. It is adjustable in both height and slant. It doesn't look all that bad in the brown color--the white ones might appear to be a bit chincy. I was surprised at the heft of this table. It is well made and finished nicely. There are no sharp edges or pointy metal parts. The best thing is how the legs fit under my chair and I can have my computer positioned on the table in front of me where I can work with it easily.

The only complaint I have is with folding the table flat. It does fold flat for storage, but not all that easily. Picky, picky, picky...

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  1. Randall Tillman10 Oktober 2010 11.32

    I'm a poor grad student and I need some sort of stand for my laptop. I'm actually getting nerve damage from lying on my bed and typing. Do you think a TV tray would work? And would just a regular chair work or would I have to use one that's shorter/taller? Thanks!