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Linon Home Slipper Matelesse Orange

Linon Home Slipper Matelesse Orange

It is only Day 1, but my initial impression is that I am loving it--and if you like both comfort and upper-class style, this is the product for you.

The soft black (not brown as part of the description mistakenly states) LeatherPlus is quite nice. Although, obviously, not 100% real leather for this price ($290 in May 2013), it is very soft and indistinguishable for 95% of people, from real leather and approximates calve leather.

The gas height adjustment / rocking release mechanism is flawless and I'd guess you can lean back roughly 20 degrees. The rich mahogany wood at the base is hard and very solid. The chair also feels very sturdy, indeed. It's no-nonsense engineering.

Now, for particulars / context... I'm 6' 2" / 230 pounds, have broad shoulders, and multiple herniations throughout my spine. When I first sat in it, I wasn't sure if I should be disappointed because it seemed too small, and perhaps a bit too firm...but I kept sitting in it, and trying to figure out the engineering approach.

The cushioning is somewhat firm, at first, and the chair height is such that my shoulders are about 2" or so from the top of the chair when sitting straight. My thighs / legs are comfy. It is quite apparent that there was a lot of thought that went into designing this product, although if you are a bit wider than a couple inches taller taller than I'd speculate that comparing to a big / tall product would be reasonable.

As long as the cushioning doesn't wear out prematurely (no reason to believe it would), I'd say that this is a first class chair. I can feel the difference in firmness between the back cushioning and the seat, suggesting someone took the time to realize that the seat area will need to be stronger and firmer.

The result is VERY positive for my back. Feels like I've got the lumbar support I need to sit and type for hours on end, without my back pain flaring up. I'd say it was a luxury racing car seat feel. In other words, somewhat form fitting, yet very high performance.

I'm super, SUPER picky about everything, live in pricey Silicon Valley, am accustomed to five stars in hotels and in general, and I am particularly, well...particular...about furniture--and everything. It is not unusual for me to sit on hundreds of chairs or couches before finally buying--or even to look at hundreds of properties before buying.

Unfortunately, in a limited timeframe, I couldn't find anything, locally, to suit me, and took a chance buying this online (without having actually sat on or seen the product in person)...but, in this case, glad I did.

The combination of cost and quality is presently very good...5 stars.

ps - I've got maple hardwood floors and the high-impact plastic wheels do leave an impression, as one might expect. So, if that's an issue, an area rug or other barrier would be prudent.

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  1. Having ordered other slipper chairs and returned them, I was pleased with the beauty, substantial build and value of these chairs. They became the pop of color that made the room!

  2. I ordered two of these chairs and I love them. They are the perfect color and very rich fabric. I wasn't sure about ordering furniture off line but I'm happy I did. Also, the chairs came quickly. No assembly required...Just take it out the box and place it in your desired location.