Senin, 12 September 2011

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Mac Sports Folding Utility Wagon

Mac Sports Folding Utility Wagon

We are a baseball family with youth who play a lot of baseball. It was always such a chore to carry all the bags, chairs, water containers, snacks, camera and umbrellas. We saw this wagon and bought it immediately. It has turned all those chores into a breeze. Yes, like one reviewer said, it can be a bit stubborn in the steering but I can handle it. It is worth that to save my back. We live in Florida and it gets hot. We play baseball year round so this has been such a nice comfort that I won't give up.

I was so happy that it was so easy to put back to folding position and put in the trunk of our car. One hand pulls up the strap in the center interior of the cart, velcro the handles together and it is ready to load into the trunk. It takes up very little space in the trunk.

It does great in the rain and the red mud that you get with baseball. It dries right up, the fabric is amazing. Then we just turn it over and dump the red dirt out. We recommend this product as one of our baseball parent recommended products.

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