Jumat, 30 September 2011

Sure Fit's Excellent

Sure Fit Stretch Dinning Slipcover

Sure Fit Stretch Dinning Slipcover

We bought this chair for my 10 month old instead of one of the traveling style high chairs/booster seats to take to family and friends houses. We have used it several times now and it has worked great! Let me tell you a bit about the chair:

1. 2 adjustable straps to hook to both the back and the bottom of the seat for a secure hold
2. Child saftey strap that snaps around the waist and through the legs.
3. VERY compact and light - travels easy
4. Convienent removeable seat liner for easy cleaning.
5. Can double as a regular child chair if you do not want to strap it to an adult chair
6. Seems durable for our 31", 22lb 10 month old

1. adjustable straps fit on most chairs but we have found (go figure) that it does not strap around the back of a very wide camping type/outside chair.
2. an attachable tray would be nice for the times when you are out and about and are not sitting at a table (e.g. picnic table, etc. where the chair has to sit on the ground)

Our son is very rough with things and bounces in the seat and it has held up (another reviewer stated it did not hold up when their child stood on it..) Before this chair we often found ourselves holding our child to feed him or passing him off to someone else when trying to make up our plates. This has resolved our problems and our son LOVES sitting at the table (on any regular chair.) No more worries on where and how our child will eat his meal.

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  1. I ordered a set of the taupe slipcovers for my dining room chairs and loved them so much that I ordered a second set in a different color! They fit so well that you really can't tell they're slipcovers. The only negative is that the pictures didn't accurately show the true color of the slipcovers -- both the taupe and cream slipcovers are a lot darker than they appear in the photos -- the cream color is a lot closer to beige.

  2. I wanted a back up set of slip covers for my more pricey, light colored World Market slip covered Parson's chairs and these fit like a dream. A great change out for when messier folks come to dinner! Very pleased with the color (black and almost has a suede sheen) and the fit. Would highly recommend and nice they can just be tossed in the wash.

  3. These have really hit the bill and resurrected chairs that were always comfy but latterly very grubby! Brilliant. More colours please.

  4. I am so pleased with these covers. I'm writing a review to let those know that you can use them on non-parsons chairs because i wasn't sure they'd work out. Mine are wood frames with horizontal pc's up the back. Ikea chairs from 1994...sturdy and comfortable with a plush chair pad. I couldn't find Parsons chairs for less than $80 a pc so I figured I'd try these covers. I'm
    So glad I did-they fit great and the fabric has a really nice, soft hand. I'd recommend you try them out before buying new chairs or to preserve your current one's.

  5. Received these covers yesterday and they look perfect. The covers are very tight and stretch to look custom, they look like I've purchased 2 new chairs :)

  6. I really like the way the slipcover fits over my leather, wide seat, cream color Parson chairs. It's the perfect protection cover. The color blends well with my living room decor. I like that the fabric color does not rub off on my chairs. A sure fit for me!

  7. Chair covers arrived on time. The quality and color was exactly as shown. The fittings were perfect and the price was a steal. MO