Rabu, 07 September 2011

Excellent quality, great value teak outdoor table

Landmann Astena Large Indoor Outdoor

Landmann Astena Large Indoor Outdoor Get your Landmann Astena Large Indoor Outdoor Now!

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  1. We were looking for a long, high quality outdoor table at a reasonable price, which we found in the Landmann Astena teak table (made in Germany). It could have a used a little more padding in the packaging as the cardboard box was damaged when it arrived, but luckily, there was not a scratch on the table. The table assembled easily using the provided l-brackets, washers, and bolts (comes as separate table top and 4 legs with screws already in legs). High quality solid wood construction with substantial legs. Easily seats 6 and can seat up to 8 depending on width of side chairs (17 inches or less fits 3 chairs on each side comfortably). Table height is 31 inches, so chair seat height of at least 18 inches works best. Would definitely buy again!