Jumat, 16 September 2011

Just what I was looking for!

White Blue Lawn Chair Webbing

White Blue Lawn Chair Webbing

first table arrived damaged. we heard a loud banging outside and found the Fed Ex guy had thrown the box off the back of the truck and was trying to end over end a 200 pound box to the door by himself. Any normal delivery guy would have said he has a big box and needs help. The box looked like it came from a war zone. I contacted the seller and sent in a picture of the damage. About a week later a new set arrived. I don't believe the damage was any fault of the company and so no stars lost for what some moron Fed Ex employee did. The second set and box were in great shape. I'd recommend this set to anyone for a nice kitchen set (too small for a "dining room" imo)... but perfect for a kitchen and exactly what we were looking for. if i had 5 kitchens i would buy 5 more. thanks!

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