Selasa, 27 September 2011

Great qualit

Veranda Classic Accessories 55 121 011501 00 Rectangular

Veranda Classic Accessories 55 121 011501 00 Rectangular

We bought this chair for my 10 month old instead of one of the traveling style high chairs/booster seats to take to family and friends houses. We have used it several times now and it has worked great! Let me tell you a bit about the chair:

1. 2 adjustable straps to hook to both the back and the bottom of the seat for a secure hold
2. Child saftey strap that snaps around the waist and through the legs.
3. VERY compact and light - travels easy
4. Convienent removeable seat liner for easy cleaning.
5. Can double as a regular child chair if you do not want to strap it to an adult chair
6. Seems durable for our 31", 22lb 10 month old

1. adjustable straps fit on most chairs but we have found (go figure) that it does not strap around the back of a very wide camping type/outside chair.
2. an attachable tray would be nice for the times when you are out and about and are not sitting at a table (e.g. picnic table, etc. where the chair has to sit on the ground)

Our son is very rough with things and bounces in the seat and it has held up (another reviewer stated it did not hold up when their child stood on it..) Before this chair we often found ourselves holding our child to feed him or passing him off to someone else when trying to make up our plates. This has resolved our problems and our son LOVES sitting at the table (on any regular chair.) No more worries on where and how our child will eat his meal.

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  1. Savannah Cabrera18 November 2010 05.32

    Well priced for the amount of material that you get. Big enough to cover a variety of sizes and table types and shapes. I bought this patio table cover for my large rectangular shaped table. I did not use this cover to cover both table and four chairs, but bought separate used chair covers made of the same material.This was priced much less than retail patio table covers of this size alone. I saved over $100.00 this way!

  2. This cover is high quality and perfect for covering the coffee table that we have on the deck. The weight of it and drawstring are features which make it stay in place and not blow away!

  3. Excellent fit. Made out of good quality fabric. I have purchased 3 of these covers and highly recommend them. The drawstrings keep them in place even during a storm.

  4. We were impressed with the quality of this project. Also, the price was less than any other covers that we had seen. It is also large enough to cover the table without stretching.

  5. Well made, heavy duty and don't look like plastic cheap covers. I have a bunch of these. Nice color combo, not obnoxious green like ithers. I've had vinyl ones before which didn't hold up, these are much better, and good price.

  6. Brooke Livingston28 Desember 2012 03.32

    will continiue to add pieces everything is as described no problems and really like the set up fits was perfect

  7. bought this to protect my Deck table. It fits great and saves me having to move it to an indoor location. Good material and snugs tight to table legs. Recommend it.

  8. I am very pleased with this coffee table cover. It fits perfectly and is made of sturdy material. It exceeded my expectations.