Selasa, 25 Oktober 2011

Beautiful, sturdy chairs

Lakeland Mills Cedar Lounge Natural

Lakeland Mills Cedar Lounge Natural

Once figured out, these are very easy to put together. The back and seat come pre-assembled, so you don't have to screw on all of those slats. You just fit the back into the seat using the huge pegs/hols built in. Then you assemble each side of legs, tap them in to the chair/back assembly, then drive screws where they tell you to in the instructions. There aren't pilot holes, so you just have to see where the pegs go into holes and secure by driving screws. Some have said they drilled pilot holes, but I didn't find that necessary at all. I used a decent cordless drill/driver and the screws went in very easily. Really, don't get all worked up by splits in the wood, they really do belong, it's rustic! I finished them with Thompson's water seal with the natural cedar tint and they look great. I haven't really sat in them yet, just tried it out real quick after building and before staining. They are shaped very comfortably. I have my two out by a new fire pit and they are the perfect complement.

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  1. Easy to assemble and looks great. Assembly took me only a few minutes being a handy man. I have had many complements about the comfort and style of the chair. I recommend buying the whole ensemble as it ties in a motif.

  2. Love this. I bought two of these with a matching coffee table and gave them a light natural stain. They look great on my deck and are not bulky (though they look a little so in the pictures online), they are also amazingly light weight (probably 20-25 lbs) for being so hardy and well made. They are also super comfy and get tons of compliments!

  3. Just purchased these chairs for our lake house. Building it was pretty easy, looks absolutely beautiful!
    We ordered 2 chairs and a coffee table, which came on time and well packaged...we are very happy.

  4. Loraine Saunders16 Desember 2011 07.32

    chairs... that is...

    These chairs look sweet surrounding my bonfire pit. I think a 3rd grader could assemble them but putting them together definitely gave my girlfriend the impression that I was handy. Can't ever turn down a few easy brownie points.

    They ship unfinished, and being that they are kind of pricey (although not as much as Lowes has them listed for, 174.99 plus shipping) I decided I would put two coats of polyurethane on them for added protection against the elements, and beer spillage. That was kinda annoying but worth it. Buy these chairs, you will not be disappointed.

    Note: you will need a rubber mallet, 7/16" socket wrench, and a screw driver (adding in a power drill will save some time)to assemble.

  5. I've purchased two lounge chairs, two foot stools and a side table. I'm a small 60 year old woman and had no trouble putting them all together. They look wonderful...........very rustic. They're all very sturdy too.

  6. I looked around for a long time and made a few false starts before purchasing this chair.
    The build quality and materials are excellent. I now own two of these chairs. One of them
    did come with a slightly warped seat slat. It felt OK sitting in it but I decided to call Lakeland Mills
    customer service anyway. What wonderful helpful and fast help they were. They sent me a replacement
    slat by US Priority mail. Installed the replacement part and it is perfect now !
    This is by no doubt ,a fabulous company which is located and builds right here in the USA.
    Earlier I mentioned about false starts. Well there is another company named " Tidewater ",
    I tried them first and they were just terrible. Oh well, live and learn.
    From now it will only be Lakeland Mills I will deal with .

  7. I bought three of these chairs and the matching end table to create the setting around our Fire Pit (see picture above). They are contoured just right! The backs don't lean you back too far, like an adirondack, and they're not too upright. Plus the front of the seats are contoured for comfort. Shipping was fast and accurate, and the chairs went together well. The backs and seats are pre-assembled in the box, then you put the puzzle together (quite easy really). I was a little concerned about the splits in the wood, but as it explains in the product literature, this is part of the normal drying process for cedar. Time will tell how it stands up over the long haul, but for the reasonable price, they sure feel built to last. They come from Michigan, and being a Northerner myself, I feel more confident about wood craftsmanship in the North. I certainly recommend these chairs, and the table.