Rabu, 19 Oktober 2011

Truly inspiring

Kelty 40815012 Acadia 6 Person Tent

Kelty 40815012 Acadia 6 Person Tent

I love these chairs. Once I finally got all the packaging off of them they were pretty much of a snap to put together. I just set the base down and then slid the seat part onto the base. You have to be sure to remove the tiny plastic tubes from the threads before you try to assemble the chairs (I don't think that is in the instructions, though) and they include the hardware and a wrench in case you don't have one of the proper size. They also only fit on the base one way -- you can't really mess it up.
The finish is black and even with no drips or holes - looks to be very good quality.
Sitting in the seat, the springs allow just the right amount of give. I will bet that these chairs will get pretty warm sitting in the sun, but be pretty comfortable with a nice cushion. They look to be very low-maintenance and you can probably leave them out unless it is going to be windy.

Even though the carton they came in was pretty beaten up, there did not seem to be any damage to the chairs.

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