Senin, 24 Oktober 2011

Excellent product at great price

WD 40%C2%AE Professional Instant Carpet Remover

WD 40%C2%AE Professional Instant Carpet Remover

This is almost perfect. I'll start with the one con:

Legs are a very awkward shape and there are wheels only in the front which presents a wheeling problem, and also doesn't allow for you to fold it and keep it stored nicely against the wall. Not a huge problem, just makes moving it around a little awkward.

Everything else is great.
Easy to put together
Looks good, not a lot of eye trash
There is no cloth and the straps are super easy to remove for washing
The pad is easy to remove
The thing is a breeze to clean

And the most important thing for me was the ability to recline. My baby has special needs and cannot sit up but was getting too big for my lap. The recline is the perfect angle to keep him up in his chair without slouching to one side or the other.

For $90, this is definitely worth it.

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  1. It's a basketball uniform for my nephew.

  2. the material of the jacket is 100%polyester, and it was like 80 bucks! and i don't think i can replace it, so please help(: