Sabtu, 15 Oktober 2011

These Really Are Great Chairs

Strathwood Basics Steel Spring Dining

Strathwood Basics Steel Spring Dining

I love these chairs. Once I finally got all the packaging off of them they were pretty much of a snap to put together. I just set the base down and then slid the seat part onto the base. You have to be sure to remove the tiny plastic tubes from the threads before you try to assemble the chairs (I don't think that is in the instructions, though) and they include the hardware and a wrench in case you don't have one of the proper size. They also only fit on the base one way -- you can't really mess it up.
The finish is black and even with no drips or holes - looks to be very good quality.
Sitting in the seat, the springs allow just the right amount of give. I will bet that these chairs will get pretty warm sitting in the sun, but be pretty comfortable with a nice cushion. They look to be very low-maintenance and you can probably leave them out unless it is going to be windy.

Even though the carton they came in was pretty beaten up, there did not seem to be any damage to the chairs.

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  1. We just received these chairs yesterday. When I came home today they were put together. We had to sit out one of our first nice spring afternoons. The chairs are very comfortable and a perfect fit for what I wanted. Oh and they were very easy to put together.

  2. Brandy Sheppard15 November 2011 07.32

    Strathwood Basics Steel Mesh Spring Dining Chairs look beautiful and quite sturdy.

    I could not get my chairs together then secure them with the nuts and bolts for anything. Even with the help of one of my neighbors. THEN I read another person's review where they mentioned rubber tubing that had to be removed to expose the threads. AHA! After checking my chairs I saw that there was something that came off.

    Once I got the tubing off everything fit together with no problem and it was easy to secure the two sections together.

    The chairs are so wonderful and I love how they rock. Actually they rock back and forth as well as rock in how they look.

    I love the unique modern design.

  3. Juliette Donovan20 Desember 2011 03.32

    These chairs may have the word "basic" in the title, but they are far from being "cheap" in the negative sense of the word. They are attractive, sturdy, and as nice as patio chairs I've seen retailing for quite a bit more. They were easy to assemble as well.

    The best cushion size to fit the chairs is 18" square, though I personally squashed 19" square cushions onto them because that's what I could find in a pattern I liked.

  4. The only thing that could have made this better would have been to add a swivel feature. It's a great product and I enjoyed the slight rocking you can do on it. It's a bit more comfortable w/ some furniture sitting pads whoever. Very well put together and stable. We've left it in the back yard for several months and it seems to be weather proof.

    A great product that I would highly recommend.