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Set Eucalyptus Outdoor Folding Chairs

Set Eucalyptus Outdoor Folding Chairs

I researched many brands of similarly styled all-weather chairs before purchasing these. For the price you CANNOT beat these chairs!! We ordered 4 sets (8 chairs). I wanted/needed: all -weather, sturdy... but elegantly designed, stacking chairs....WITH a seat cushion. They are even more beautiful (sleek, fine and tight weave, dark espresso color) in person. They have great proportions. I am 5'4" and my husband is 6'2" and they are deep seated and have a nice, generous with ..but not what I would call oversized....which would have made me feel like a child on an adult chair. I had decided I wanted cushions because I was afraid the synthetic seat would sit a little "hard". I had found many a chair that could have worked...but none included cushions in their pricing. Then I found Strathwood which included cushions in their already great price! I have to tell you...these chairs are comfortable without the cushions!! We can sit for hours and seldom even put the cushions on. The other plus, as if you needed any more, is that we already had an outdoor dining table which is espresso-colored and made of the synthetic/all -weather weave. The colors match perfectly!! Friends (of all sizes :-) have commented on how comfortable the chairs are and how perfectly they match our existing table (not Strathwood). You will be totally pleased with these chairs! Enjoy!

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