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Lifetime 80273 34 Inch Square Table

Lifetime 80273 34 Inch Square Table

After reading the review that this chair received from the Wall Street Journal, I asked my wife to get it for me for my birthday. The chair arrived within a few days and it is everything that I expected.

Chair set-up is a little more difficult than expected, but after three or four tries it is no longer a problem. The chair is very sturdy and comfortable. Plenty of seat room makes it a pleasure to sit in.

I highly recommend this chair if you go to a lot of kids baseball and soccer games and other events such as concerts in the park like this grandpa does. It makes sitting through the game a pleasure. Unfortunately, the chair does not guarantee your team will win.

Adendum: After owning this chair for several years, I still think it is a great product. However, I have had occasion to carry this chair on hiking and fishing trips and I have to admit it gets pretty heavey after a while. Nine pounds may not sound like a lot, but after a few miles you will notice the weight, especially if you are carrying other objects.

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